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In 1868, in the city of Lübbecke, Germany, a pharmacist named Eduard Gerlach made the decision to expand his father's grocery store with a pharmacy.

In those days the average citizen could not afford good leather shoes.

Factory workers or farmers were exposed to extreme loads on their feet.

From his observations and his own experience as a soldier he was able to see how unpleasant and painful sores and blisters can be.

Anuncio de la crema Footcream de Gehwol de un montañero masajeando un pie sobre una caja y de fondo la crema footcream

In 1882, it launched the world's first foot care cream produced industrially.

Thanks to the success of the launch of the Footcream cream, Eduar Gerlach is considered a pioneer of modern foot care.

This merit is due to the fact that it managed to popularize foot care by creating an effective and cheap cream. A true pioneer in foot care.

The cream received numerous international awards and marked the beginning of a new era: the problem solver was born and foot care became affordable for large sectors of the population.

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From then until today Gehwol is considered a source of inspiration for professional foot care.

Gehwol applies strict guidelines regarding quality and selection of raw materials as well as waiting in manufacturing processes.

Gehwol emphasizes the use of natural ingredients and the use of essential oils. Its leitmotif is "natural power for the well-being of the feet."

The basis of many Gehwol products is the best of nature. Purity, naturalness and effectiveness.

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Today Gehwol is one of the leading professional foot care companies in the world.

Discover the Gehwol products that we have selected for the health of your feet.