Let's talk a little about Darn Tough socks

In this section we are going to explain the characteristics of the best socks on the market.

Why are Darn Tough socks so durable and top performing?

Oveja con viento

Use fine gauge merino wool

The price of merino wool can vary up to 8 times from the thickest to the finest.

Fine gauge merino wool is the best performing wool.

This wool is not itchy and has the best thermoregulation qualities.

Detalle malla calcetin

Knit the stitch very close together

Not only does using the best merino wool on the market achieve the best results.

One of the most important points is to knit the stitch as close together as possible.

This is very decisive for excellent performance.

But a closer weave involves threads and therefore increases the price.

Molino Darn Tough haciendo un calcetín

Three generations making socks

You can use the finest wool on the market and knit it very close together, but then you need to have the knowledge that 3 generations give you to know how to make the best socks.

It's about the arrangement of the threads in the different areas of the sock, but that's Top Secret.

  • Calcetín azul sin costuras Darn Tough

    Withouth stitches

    All Darn Tough socks are seamless

  • Ajuste del calcetín verde Darn Tough en el medio pie

    Midfoot adjustment

    All Darn Tough socks have a midfoot area to keep the sock in place.

  • Reinforced toe and heel

    All Darn Tough socks have a reinforced heel and toe with exclusive technology to make them the most durable.

  • They don't tighten

    All Darn Tough socks are non-tightening and non-falling socks.

    You put them on and forget you're wearing them.

  • Achilles tendon reinforcement

    Some models of Darn Tough socks have padding in the Achilles tendon area for comfort and durability.

  • Breathable mesh and flex zone

    Some models have areas with breathable meshes and flexion areas where they reduce the thickness of the sock as much as possible so as not to disturb the foot when flexing.

  • Darn Tough Calcetines invisibles con acolchado de running y trail de lana merina. Mod. Run 1047 color  Black


    It is the minimum height that we sell at elmejorcalcetin.es

  • Darn Tough Calcetines de senderismo tobilleros. Mod. 1987 color Moss


    This height covers the ankle

  • High anklet

    Perfect height to wear with low boots.

    At this height there is no padding in the shin area.

  • Darn Tough Calcetines con gallos. Mod. 6060 color Color: Charcoal


    This height is used in everyday socks and some for running.

    It is a height very similar to boot height, which is why we have joined them together.

  • Darn Tough Calcetines tácticos de mediacaña. Mod. T4022 color Foliage Green


    This height is perfect to wear with boots, even tall ones.

    At this height there is padding in the shin area.

  • Darn Tough Calcetines de esquí/snow con acolchado. Mod. Camo 8010 color Color: Forest

    below the knee

    Maximum height.

Thickness of threads and padding

Thread thickness

From the lightest thread Darn Tough makes to the heaviest.

Everything will depend on the activity. The lightest ones for running and the heaviest ones for activities with little mobility and where you need the sock to retain maximum heat.

Acolchado en talón


The distribution of padding in Darn Tough socks depends on the activity they are designed for.

The padding will provide comfort and protection.

There are socks without padding, with padding in the sole and padding throughout the sock.

  • Without padding

    Socks that do not have padding are the lightest models.

  • Acolchado en planta calcetines tobilleros altos

    Padding on the floor

    This padding is the most used by Darn Tough.

    Depending on the model and activity, Darn Tough modifies this padding on the sole to provide protection and comfort in the areas that are needed.

  • Acolchado total calcetín tobillero alto

    Full padding

    In this case the padding occupies the entire sock.

What is Twisted Yarn?

Twisted Yarn

Darn Tough makes socks with two types of construction.

With the Twisted Yarn construction, two threads are joined together by twisting them and creating a thread with which the socks are then knitted.

This gives the socks an incredible "fluffiness". Without a doubt the softest socks.

And the normal construction that is with a thread.

What is the main material of the socks?

Composición Coolmax Termolite y lana merina

Merino wool, Coolmax® or Thermolite®

These are the main materials that socks are made of.

The main option for Darn Tough is merino wool but for those who have a merino wool allergy or simply prefer a vegan option there is the option of Coolmax® or Thermolite®.

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