Zojirushi Products

We have selected the best Zojirushi products that are sold in Europe with a European guarantee. We do not import from third countries.

Zojirushi, after more than 100 years in the market, continues to " create quality of life " in all its products.

"We value sensitivities such as kindness to people and ease of use, and will continue to provide products and services of daily life
that many customers can identify with."

Representative Director, President and CEO

Norio Ichikawa

 Zojirushi SM-QAF60GK con asa

Insulated takeaway drink thermoses.

Bottles, glasses and mugs designed to take your favorite drink wherever you want.

With renowned vacuum insulation technology, Zojirushi thermoses keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

 Tarro de comida Zojirushi SW-EAE

Isolated food jars and lunch boxes

Similar to drink thermoses, these jars and lunch boxes keep food hot or cold for hours.

With exclusive SlickSteel® technology, the interior coating is more resistant to odors, stains and scratches than stainless steel.

Composición color ZOJIRUSHI-AG-KB10

Isolated jugs

Ideal for serving hot or cold drinks.

Thanks to the vacuum insulation it eliminates condensation on the outside of the jug.

Keep coffee hot or water cold for hours at home, office or in commercial establishments.


Air Pot

Zojirushi uses a non-electric pump system to serve drinks without the need to pour.

Drinks will stay hot or cold for hours avoiding external condensation.

Perfect for hospitality, home or office businesses.

Cocina con Arrocera Zojirushi Micom Fuzzy Logic NL-GAQ 10/18 4974305714213

Rice cookers

Zojirushi technology is capable of extracting all the flavor of the rice and ensuring that each grain of rice is at the point of the program that you have selected.

That is to say, if you want to make sushi, each grain of rice will be at the exact point of cooking.