Logo Zojirushi azul fondo blanco

A little history.

Zojirushi is a Japanese company founded in 1918 as Ichikawa Brothers Trading.

The Ichikawa family continues to maintain control , despite being a publicly traded multinational .

Their first product was an innovative glass-lined vacuum insulated bottle .

Throughout its history, Zojirushi has maintained the philosophy of "Creating Quality of Life" , which translates into products and services that improve people's lives , such as rice cookers and internet-connected products for seniors.

For nearly a century, the company has employed advanced technologies to develop a variety of household products, including
practical rice cookers, electric water boilers and stainless steel vacuum bottles.

Zojirushi remains at the forefront , launching
Constantly high quality products for cooking and food preservation .

It focuses on three main business areas: kitchen appliances, food and beverage preservation, and home and industrial conveniences.

Zojirushi plans to continue improving the quality of life of its customers through technological innovation in the 21st century and beyond.

  • Primera imagen de la fábrica de Zojirushi en 1918


    Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company establishes itself in Osaka

  • Primer logo Zojirushi


    The manufacturing and sale of vacuum bottles begins. The elephant is adopted as a registered trademark

  • Primera jarra aislada de acero Zojirushi


    Kyowa Manufacturing Co. Ltd. established.

  • Producción masiva de botellas aisladas de acero Zojirushi


    Corporate name is changed to Kyowa Vacuum Bottle Co., Inc.

  • Logo Zojirushi


    Name changed to Zojirushi Corporation. The elephant symbolizes strength, intelligence and familiarity.

  • Mecanización fabricación de botellas aisladas Zojirushi


    The first automated vacuum bottle production equipment is developed and mass production begins.

  • Primera arrocera Zojirushi


    Another manufacturing plant opens in Shiga and a new electric rice warmer is launched.

  • Termo Zojirushi


    The first Air Pot ® beverage dispenser is launched with great worldwide success.

  • Termo Zojirushi


    The sale of Air Pot ® electric dispensers begins.

  • Botella aislada Zojirushi para llevar


    The manufacturing process for double-walled stainless steel vacuum bottles is patented and the first TUFFBOY line is launched.

  • Dispensador por gravedad Zojirushi


    A gravity drink dispenser is developed and the Micom electric rice cooker is introduced.

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    The main office in Tokyo is completed.

  • Fabrica Zojirushi


    Zojirushi goes on the Osaka stock exchange. New corporate identity is introduced and Union Zojirushi Co, Ltd is established in Thailand.

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi America Corporation is established in California.

  • Primera máquina para hacer pan de Zojirushi


    The Home Bakery ® bread maker is presented

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi-Simatelex Co, Ltd and Zojirushi Hong Kong Co, Ltd established.

  • Calentador zojirushi


    Norio Ichikawa is appointed president and "Mimamori Hotline" is launched to help monitor elderly people through the use of electric "I-Pot."

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi Taiwan Corporation is established in Taiwan.

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi Shanghai Corporation established in Shanghai, China

  • Exposición Zojirushi


    90th anniversary celebrated and Vacuum Bottle & Air Pot ® pavilion opens at Osaka office

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd, is established in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Oficinas Zojirushi


    Zojirushi celebrates its centenary and begins trading on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Zojirushi's values

Presidente Ichikawa Zojirushi

A family and a passion

The Ichikawa family leads Zojirushi with the same passion that began more than 100 years ago.

We really like brands that are run by the families that created the brand and not investment funds .

The families that created the products take the utmost care of the products they make.

Fábrica Zojirushi

Zojirushi manufactures in its own factories

Zojirushi has several of its own production plants where it manufactures its own products.

By manufacturing in its own factories, it can implement its own production processes, achieving products of the highest quality.

Zojirushi continues to manufacture products in Japan and Thailand where it has its headquarters , promoting local employment .

Manos cogiendo a la tierra

Committed to the environment

Zojirushi designs and manufactures products of the highest quality to produce as little waste as possible.

The longer the products last, the better for the planet and our economy.

Calentador zojirushi

Committed to people

In 2001, Zojirushi launched the "I-pot" water heater and the "Mimamori Hot Line" program.

The "I-pot" when turned on automatically connected by radio and allowed children in Japan to know when their elderly parents had turned on the kettle to drink their tea.

This system did not depend on the internet , which greatly facilitated the quality of life of the elderly in Japan.

Oficinas Zojirushi

We have selected bottles, glasses and thermoses so you can have your favorite drink hot or cold for hours.

We have also selected jars and lunch boxes so you can eat out as if you were at home .

And its famous rice cookers. Zojirushi rice cookers are considered the "Rolls-Royce" of rice cookers.