Collection: Takeaway drink thermoses

Selection of bottles, glasses and cups to take your favorite drink wherever you want.

  • Boquilla Zojiurushi SM-TAE

    Direct drinking bottle

    Insulated bottle designed for one-handed drinking and with a specially designed spout for direct drinking without clogging and spills.

  • Botella con vaso Zojirushi SV-GR

    Bottle with glass

    Bottle designed to be able to serve the contents in a glass. The insulated bottle features a glass with antibacterial silver ions.

  • Interior doble para sales Zojirushi

    Sports bottles

    Insulated bottles with steel interior with double non-stick coating so you can drink mineral salts.

  • Zojirushi vaso aislado SX-KA


    Insulated glasses with different accessories to comfortably drink your favorite drink, both hot and cold.

  • Infusor Taza aislada Zojirushi SE-KAE

    With tea filter

    Bottles, glasses and cups with a special filter to be able to prepare your tea directly.

Interior PTFE Zojirushi

Interior, PTFE or SlickSteel ®?

Zojirushi , always trying to offer the best solutions to the consumer, uses the PTFE interior when metal utensils such as a fork are not going to be used .

PTFE is inert at the temperatures it will withstand, always between 0º and 100º maximum.

It is not like frying pans or fryers that, when cooked at temperatures often higher than 200º, there may be doubt.

The best solution if metal utensils are not going to be used is PTFE since it isolates the liquid from the "steel" taste of the drink left by thermoses that do not have this coating.

The Zojirushi SlickSteel ® solution is an electropolishing that minimizes the "steel" taste as much as possible and increases the resistance compared to stainless steel.