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✅Solution to blisters and chafing on your feet 😎.

There is nothing worse than going out to enjoy our favorite sport or hobby and suffering pain in the feet which later leads to the appearance of the dreaded blisters or chafing and these, if not treated in time, can become severely aggravated.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the protection of our feet has two components, on the one hand the shoes and on the other the socks .

The two have to work in harmony so that our feet remain dry .

Footwear is important since it has to fit our feet well and not hurt us. For this reason, we must avoid the footwear being loose (that makes us dance) and that it does not fit too tight so that it hurts us.

It is important that when buying footwear we take our time and that we go to buy the footwear when our feet are most swollen .

In this blog post I explain how to choose footwear.

The other component of the equation is socks and these have the most complicated mission and that is managing moisture in our feet.

The main mission of the sock is to evacuate all the sweat that occurs in the feet and keep it away from the skin so that there is no moisture and this, friends, is what is really difficult in a sock.

From a technical point of view , a blister is an accumulation of fluid that is the result of repetitive friction of the skin itself with another material .

The phases of the appearance of a blister are first intense heat in the area, then redness and finally the appearance of the blister .

But how do Darn Tough socks help prevent chafing and blisters?

It is a question of three factors .

The first is to use the best materials when it comes to managing the humidity of our feet. Darn Tough uses the finest mulesing-free fine gauge New Zealand merino wool.

For very hot environments use Coolmax ® which is a synthetic fiber.

In our snow socks we use thermolite ® which is a hollow fiber that also excellently manages the moisture in our feet.

The second factor is how they are constructed , in this aspect Darn Tough tries to fit as much material as possible per square inch .

In one square inch they can fit 1441 stitches of the best quality thread.

The needles of the machines that make socks are small and fine gauge, which means they can insert more material without adding volume .

More wool means better fit and better fit means that our sock does not move and this translates into exceptional durability and a greater ability to manage moisture in our feet.

How Darn Tough socks are made

The third factor is its formula for arranging the yarns so that Darn Tough socks achieve exceptional performance . There are many merino wool socks on the market, for example, but very few manage the moisture in our feet like these socks.

This is a Cabot formula that is passed down from generation to generation and is a family secret .

These three factors are what make Darn Tough socks perform spectacularly in keeping your feet dry . And if your feet are dry there will be no blisters or chafing .

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