Zojirushi SE-KAE48: The Perfect Mug for Tea, Coffee or Infusions in the Office

By José Manuel Arias Fernández

September 23, 2022

Taza ZOJIRUSHI-KAE azul con portátil

Zojirushi is proud to manufacture its products in its own factories using exclusive technologies and patents . This makes their products have no competition .

Unlike other brands, Zojirushi focuses solely on creating products that improve your quality of life by taking care of even the smallest details.

The SE-KAE48 model is an insulated mug that comes with an infuser , making it perfect for brewing tea or rooibos . The infuser is easily removable thanks to its practical handle, allowing you to prepare your favorite loose leaf teas effortlessly.

  • Infusor Taza aislada Zojirushi SE-KAE
  • Infusor Taza aislada Zojirushi SE-KAE
  • Infusor Taza aislada Zojirushi SE-KAE
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The SE-KAE48 model features a specially designed curved lip to enjoy sipping your drink directly from the cup comfortably.

The lid has a valve that allows the pressure caused by hot drinks to be released. Additionally, if you turn the lid upside down it becomes a support for the infuser.

It is designed to be leak-proof when closed correctly, ensuring that you can carry it in your bag or backpack without the risk of spills.

  • Borde Zojirushi modelo SE-KAE
  •  Infusor Zojirushi modelo SE-KAE
  • Valvula Zojirushi modelo SE-KAE
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This model is lightweight, durable and compact . The base structure of the insulated cup is designed to ensure its longevity , making it an excellent choice for everyday use.

The double wall insulation has only 1 mm of distance between walls which optimizes capacity with minimum volume .

Thanks to Zojirushi's exclusive technologies, this mug is perfect for keeping your drinks hot or cold . Whether you prefer coffee, tea or infusions. This mug will maintain the desired temperature for an extended period .

The surface of this product is inspired by clay, creating a very pleasant surface to the touch .

  • Zojirushi modelo SE-KAE azul
  • Zojirushi SE-KAE48 azul
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Cleaning this container is very simple . The lid is completely removable and detachable, making cleaning easy. All parts are BPA free , guaranteeing your health and safety.

Due to the precision engineering and complexity of the design, our insulated mugs should not be washed in the dishwasher or frozen .

The interior lining is made of stainless steel with a patented treatment called SlickSteel® . This treatment smoothes microscopic ridges and valleys on the stainless steel surface through electro-polishing. The result is a nonstick surface that is resistant to scratches from metal utensils.

  • Zojirushi SLICKSTEEL®
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  • Zojirushi SE-KAE48
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Composición Zojirushi SE-KAE48


This model has arrived in Spain and Portugal for all lovers of tea, coffee or infusions to enjoy .

With the exceptional features already mentioned, you will enjoy your favorite drink again thanks to this product from Japan.