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Zojirushi SW-FCE 0.75 L insulated stainless steel food jars

Zojirushi SW-FCE 0.75 L insulated stainless steel food jars

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  • MORE THAN 100 YEARS CREATING "QUALITY OF LIFE" : Zojirushi manufactures its products in its own factories with exclusive technologies and patents, it does not manufacture for other brands.
  • FOOD THERMOS: Insulated food jar specially designed to be able to eat directly thanks to its compact design and wide diameter opening.

Data for an initial temperature of 95°C (hot) and 4°C (cold) with an ambient temperature of 20°C.



6h→71 ° C

  • ZOJIRUSHI TECHNOLOGY: Zojirushi's exclusive technologies make it ideal for carrying hot or cold food.
  • DOUBLE WALL: Insulated bottles are 1mm wide to maximize capacity with minimal space.
  • WIDE MOUTH: The mouth is 6.5 cm to facilitate direct eating.
  • AIRTIGHT LID: The lid has a gasket that guarantees tightness and heat retention of the thermos with minimal space.
  • PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE: This insulated food jar features a pressure release valve on the lid to open the jar with ease.
  • NOTCHES ON THE LID: Specially designed notches to easily grip the lid.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE: Zojirushi food thermoses are lightweight and have a plastic base to protect the thermos from bumps and scratches.
  • EASY CLEANING: Thanks to its wide mouth that facilitates access. All our products are BPA free. Do not wash in the dishwasher.
  • INTERIOR: In this model Zojirushi uses a stainless steel coating with a patented treatment called SlickSteel® that makes the steel resistant to residue, odors or corrosion.
  • SLICKSTEEL®: Treatment that smoothes the microscopic "peaks" and "valleys" of stainless steel through electropolishing. This finish is used to create a non-stick surface that cannot be scratched by the use of metal utensils.
  • DO NOT WASH IN DISHWASHER OR FREEZE : Our insulated food jars are an exercise in engineering and precision so they should not be washed in the dishwasher or frozen in the freezer.
  • 0.75L 10x10x18
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  • Isolation

  • Tapa con válvula Zojirushi

    Lid with internal pressure release valve for easy opening.

  • Zojirushi SlickSteel

    SlickSteel® interior that repels odors and stains.

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  • Primera imagen de la fábrica de Zojirushi en 1918


    More than 100 years of history.

    In 1918 they created a vacuum-insulated glass thermos for domestic use.

    A true innovation for the time.

    A history full of success and international recognition for its thermoses, bread makers, dispensers, coffee makers and rice cookers begins.

    Products of excellent quality, their rice cookers being considered the "Rolls Royce" of rice cookers.

  • Automatización fabricación botellas aisladas de acero inoxidable Zojirushi


    These are some milestones in its history.

    In 1964 he developed the automation of vacuum glass thermoses.

    In 1973 they introduced the first "Air Pot" push-button type water dispenser.

    In 1974 they developed and launched the first rice cooker with optimal temperature control.

    In 1981 they launched double-walled vacuum bottles with a unique and patented manufacturing process.

    And so on, they have been developing solutions to make our lives easier.

    In 2018 they managed to create a new computerized heating method that ensures that each grain of rice is at its optimal cooking point.

  • Logo Zojirushi

    Inspirations from everyday life.

    This is the "leitmotif" of Zojirushi. Create high-quality designs and products to inspire chefs around the world to innovate.

    At the core of Zojirushi's philosophy is cutting-edge technology to create efficient and easy-to-use products, and this is what sets it apart from its competitors.

    70 countries in the world already enjoy the excellence of Zojirushi products.

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