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Darn Tough

Merino wool running and trail cushioned ankle socks. Mod. Run 1040

Merino wool running and trail cushioned ankle socks. Mod. Run 1040

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COMPOSITION : 50% Merino Wool 46% Nylon 4% Lycra® Spandex

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Our socks are expensive but we want you to save money with our Darn Tough guarantee, which includes wear and tear. If throughout the life of your sock you are not satisfied with the performance, we will exchange it for another pair, without obligation and for life. Does your sock brand have this guarantee? In the long run our socks will be the cheapest you have ever bought.


DRY AND blister-free feet
Darn Tough socks excellently manage the moisture generated by your feet in any situation and if your feet are dry your feet will be healthy.

Darn Tough socks do not smell even if you wear them for several days in a row, thanks to the excellent moisture management and premium merino wool, and if they do not smell it means there are no bacteria. Who wants to have bacteria on their feet?

Darn Tough socks, thanks to their structure and configuration, provide all-day comfort. Put them on and forget you're wearing them. Health in your feet.

Thanks to the structure and configuration of the Darn Tough merino wool socks, they keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Save money, you no longer need to buy some socks for summer and others for winter.


Darn Tough socks use fine gauge yarn from the best merino wool on the market. And of course mulesing free.

1441 STITCHES IN 2.54 CM2
Darn Tough socks have the maximum possible stitches per square centimeter to create an extremely dense fabric.


Darn Tough creates a unique yarn structure in friction zones to provide unique durability.

Darn Tough develops an exclusive structure in the midfoot area that prevents the sock from slipping.

Darn Tough socks have different technologies in the ribbed area and in the foot area so you won't notice that you are wearing socks.

The exclusive way Darn Tough knits its socks with twisted yarn provides a natural, silky "loft" for comfort and softness never seen before.


The structure and placement of the perspiration panels in strategic areas of maximum sweating depending on the activity allow your feet to always be dry.


If there is a warranty, can you send me the replacement pair before I send you mine?

Our policy is that we first need to receive the socks to examine them to understand why the problem has occurred. Our socks have an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

What is the difference between merino wool and Coolmax?

Merino wool is a durable natural fiber that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Merino wool draws moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. Merino wool is antimicrobial, meaning you can wear your socks for days without them picking up an unpleasant odor. Coolmax is a durable artificial fiber, it is ideal for warm temperatures, Coolmax draws moisture away from the skin and dries very quickly. Coolmax is an excellent alternative for those who may not prefer wool or are allergic to wool fibres.

Are the materials in Darn Tough socks made in the USA?

All Darn Tough socks are made in Northfield, Vermont. Raw materials have been sourced globally. Which does not mean that they do not use local resources in the production of their socks. This past year they have used more merino wool, nylon and lycra from the USA than from any other country. Whether raw materials are produced in the USA depends on many factors including the availability, quality, price of these materials and the ability of local suppliers to meet Darn Tough's demands.

What is the thickest and warmest sock?

The warmest socks Darn Tough has are the heavy weight, fully cushioned socks. There are two heights, boot height and below the knee, the latter being the warmest.

Why do my socks wear out in the same place?

Everyone's foot is different, but in general, if a person has pressure points it is more likely that the sock can wear out at the pressure points.

Does Darn Tough make compression or diabetic socks?

Darn Tough does not make medical compression socks between 20-25 mmHg, however, they do make graduated light compression socks to offer graduated compression of 11-16 mmHg to help you recover faster in your most intense activities.

Customer Reviews

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Nunca mejor dicho "EL MEJOR CALCETIN"

Quien me iba a decir a mi que escribiendo en el buscador "el mejor calcetín" iba a encontrarlo. Pues así ha sido. No puedo estar mas contento con este descubrimiento. Todos sabemos lo incómodo que es hacer una actividad y que por culpa de una cosa tan "simple" como unos calcetines se pueda sufrir tanto y la experiencia acabe por ser dolorosa y por tanto arruine la ruta. Conste que he probado calcetines de gran reputación y prestigio pero como estos ninguno. Entre mi mujer y yo llevamos ya 10 pares para distintas disciplinas. Trekking, running, ciclismo, gym y todos ellos son perfectos. Perfectos en ajuste en sensación al pie... en evacuación del sudor, en ausencia total de olores... en actividad el pie siempre seco. En fin, que son una auténtica maravilla. Y encima garantizados de por vida. Que más se le puede pedir.

Muchas gracias por TODO.

Ramón Fernández Doblado

No tiene stock de la talla M

Hola Ramón, siento mucho esta situación pero Darn Tough está teniendo muchos problemas para suministrarnos calcetines. En el mercado internacional mires para donde mires todas las líneas de producción están siendo afectadas por la Covid. Esperamos que a medida que se acerque el otoño se regularice la situación. La próxima semana nos llegan calcetines, pero pocos.