The 4 hottest Darn Tough socks.

By José Manuel Arias Fernández

December 7, 2022

Calcetín Darn Tough 1405

It has happened to all of us. You put on a new pair of socks, put on your boots and go out into the cold. They fit perfectly. But then it happens. Your feet stay cold and wet, as if you were walking in soaked shoes that will never dry again. What happened? It could be that your socks weren't warm enough for the conditions or they were too thick for what you were doing that day. To help you discover which Darn Tough socks will keep your feet warm and dry for almost any activity, we've created this guide:


1. The 4 warmest socks.

1.1 The 1955, 1954 and T4050 models.

1.2 The T4033 and 1953 model.

1.3 Models T4022, 1908, 1405.

1.4 The 1982 and 1984 twisted thread models.

2. Conclusion.

1. The 4 hottest sock models from Darn Tough.

If you are looking for one of the warmest socks in the world , don't
Look no further than our men's 1955 , women's 1954 or unisex T4050 socks.

These socks are ideal for cold conditions
intense and static situations
. Activities where there is little or no walking
one spends a lot of time still .

Additionally, these socks have a great fit , warmth and
high levels of comfort . Darn Tough is so confident in its quality that
guarantees them for life .

Calcetines Darn Tough modelo T4050 coyote con pingüinos en la Antártida
Calcetines Darn Tough 1955
Calcetín Darn Tough sobre una roca

1.2 Socks models T4033y 1953.

Both the T4033 model and the 1953 model are in the second step of our
ranking of our hottest socks.

All Darn Tough socks have a blend of nylon, merino wool and
Spandex that make them extremely durable in addition to
keep your feet dry .

The highest quality construction means that
you can wear them for longer periods of time without
discomfort or friction

The 1953 model is a little more
low and with a lower percentage of merino wool making it a
slightly less hot than the T4033 model.

Both the socks in section 1.1 and
The 1.2 are constructed with Darn Tough's heaviest yarn so they are the warmest . From these models, choose the height that you like the most, taking into account that the higher it is, the more heat it will retain.

Calcetines Darn Tough
Dos pares de calcetines Darn Tough

1.3 T4022, 1908 and 1405 socks.

In this section, we will examine the T4022 , 1908 , and 1405 models.

These socks have a medium weight yarn with a padding
throughout the entire sock.

If you are looking for a good sock that is warm enough to
wear it on a cold day in static activities or
in activities that require long walks
these are the socks of choice.

These socks have great cushioning throughout the entire sock which makes them very comfortable for traveling long distances .

These models are the
Darn Tough's most versatile winter socks .

Calcetín Darn Tough verde oliva
Calcetines Darn Tough con botas

1.4 The 1982 and 1984 twisted thread models.

The 1982 and 1984 models in terms of warmth and breathability are equivalent to those of the models in the third section.

We have separated these socks from the socks in the third section because they provide extra softness from the twisted yarn compared to the Darn Tough yarn.

These socks are perfect for the most demanding , the softest and warmest Darn socks

Perfect socks for winter activities for both static activities and long walks.

Calcetines Darn Tough modelo Nomad 1982
Calcetines Darn Tough modelo 1984
Calcetines Darn Tough modelo 1984

2. Conclusión.

The most important thing to have warm feet are two
main things

On the one hand, wear socks that retain the heat generated by our feet as much as possible and that manage the humidity generated very well .

And on the other hand , generate excess heat in the trunk and head . This excess heat in the trunk will cause the dilation of the outer capillaries of the
peripheral areas of our body such as hands and feet, thus causing our feet to become hot.

“If you want to keep your feet warm, put on a

In this article from El País they give us some interesting tips to protect ourselves from the cold.

The Darn Tough Heavy/Midweight Cushioned Socks
they are the warmest socks.